How do I use my Yarlap to reduce sudden loss of bladder control?

As a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, non-implanted device: You do not wear Yarlap® all day. Only 20 min a day for your workout!

Quick Instructions

1. Put the pelvic floor muscle stimulator into Channel A or B (does not matter which one).
2. Generously apply lubricant onto the pelvic floor muscle stimulator.
3. Insert the pelvic floor muscle stimulator into the vagina with the silver parts facing towards your hips.
4. Press the "ON" Button.
5. Select the desired program you would like to use.
6. Select intensity for a comfortable pelvic floor muscle contraction. Every woman is different, so pick what feels comfortable for you!
Please make sure you read the full instructions, including cleaning the pelvic floor muscle stimulator in the user manual.

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