How does the Yarlap® Work?

Did you know you are not supposed to use your rear end or abs to do a Kegel? Kegels are hard! Yarlap® does it for you.

Note: While using Yarlap®, you can lie, sit, or stand during your 20 min sessions.  

Note: While using Yarlap®, you can lie, sit, or stand during your 20 min sessions.


When you exercise, your brain sends a signal to your muscles to do the motion.  These electrical signals tell your muscles to move and rest as needed. The Yarlap® system sends a similar signal from the device to the pelvic floor muscles to move and rest.

Many women never learn or cannot remember how the Kegel exercises should feel. When you cannot do a Kegel, you are unable to do a pelvic floor muscle contraction correctly. When you cannot do a pelvic floor muscle contraction right, they weaken. It's a vicious cycle! The Yarlap® system breaks that that cycle with clinically proven programs to treat urinary incontinence and tone atrophied muscle tissues (aka muscle memory loss).

The Yarlap® system not only treats your urinary incontinence, but it is the ONLY medical device over-the-counter that maintains your continence to restore bladder control AFTER childbirth, hysterectomy, or atrophy. Yarlap® system is a pelvic floor muscle stimulator that will not cause sexual stimulation. Pelvic floor muscle stimulation has been the effective and popular choice of treatment in Europe for decades and Yarlap® system is now bringing that treatment to women in United States directly to their door. Get your treatment with a more natural remedy for bladder control than drugs or sugary with Yarlap® system right out of the box.

How easy is it to use?

All rights belong to Relevium Labs Inc. © 2016

All rights belong to Relevium Labs Inc. © 2016

It is very easy to use. Press the On button, the program, and the stimulation you feel comfortable at and that is it! Yarlap® system has clinically proven preset programs that will begin the treatment you need to get your control back. These programs are already designed specifically for stress, urge, and mixed incontinence with a timed out exercise. Each time it instructs your pelvic floor muscle to contract, you will feel how the Kegel exercise should feel.

But what if I do not want anyone to know I have Yarlap®?

They won’t. The Yarlap® system prides itself on being small, quiet and discreet. The Yarlap® system silently does the exercises for you. There is no buzzing, beeping, or vibrating of any kind associated with Yarlap® system. You can lay down, sit, stand all while the Yarlap® system does the workout for you.

Plus, the Yarlap® system will be shipped to you in a plain brown box.

Your information is never shared for any reason. Your email is for us to send you updates on your shipment.