PC Stimulator for Yarlap® System

PC Stimulator for Yarlap® System

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Our Vaginal Stimulator was created exclusively for the Yarlap® System. It is small so that it provides not only an effective outcome, but something discreet and small. All materials are FDA cleared for an easy, safe and comfortable insertion.

  • Designed for use specifically with the Yarlap® system
  • This device is simple & effective, easy to use, with reliable output made of medical grade components.
  • All materials are FDA cleared
  • FDA Cleared for sale in the USA without a prescription
  • Natural Rubber Latex Free
  • For our European customers CE units are available from our distributor in Europe.

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The Yarlap® System is FDA cleared for sale in the USA as an over the counter medical device available without a prescription
Made by Relevium Labs, Inc., FDA Registered Designer of this Device

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