7 Things You Can Enjoy Again Without Incontinence

Matthew Kane | Pexel.com | 2016

Matthew Kane | Pexel.com | 2016

If we can speak frankly: incontinence sucks. Whether you're leaking just a little bit in your underwear or feeling a sudden need to pee, incontinence rears its ugly head and finds a way to mess with your life. Imagine you had a healthy pelvic floor that could hold it like it once did. Here are 7 things you can do without the burden of incontinence:


Running. Squatting. Lifting weights. Some of the most basic exercises can trigger leaks, turning a routine trip to the gym into a nightmare. Even yoga can be a minefield of potential leaks. Without incontinence, you can get active again! Plus, the Yarlap® does the pelvic floor muscle workouts for you, so you basically get 2 workouts a day. Round of applause for you!

Social Outings

Few situations in life are more awkward than passing on a friend's invitation to go out or writing off a family reunion because of your incontinence. The fear of losing control of your bladder can leave even the most resilient women afraid of leaving the house. Do not let urinary incontinence become a fear in your life that overpowers your social engagements. Yarlap® can help make sure that when you laugh – laughing is the only thing you do.


Okay, how many of you have turned down (or been turned down by) a partner because of your incontinence? It should come as no surprise that many people are terrified to tell their partners (we totally understand). BUT, think of how liberating the dating scene can be without those shackles. No more worrying about how your partner will react to your diapers, pads or leaks! No more peeing during sex! No more accidentally wetting the bed and soaking your hubby! The benefits are infinite!


Long security lines and tarmac delays are unpleasant even for people with the strongest of bladders. For women with incontinence, they can represent an obstacle to airplane travel altogether. Ditto for road trips; nobody wants to have to pull over at every rest stop you see. A minor traffic delay can make you extremely anxious. If you can beat incontinence back, the world is your oyster!

Sitting for Long Periods


I recall seeing the movie Titanic and basically drooling over Leonardo DiCaprio with my friends; nowadays, I shudder at the thought of how many bathroom breaks I would have needed. Constantly feeling the anxiety that the little tingling urge to pee does not make sitting still very easy. Think of how much more relaxed you will be when you can attend your son's entire soccer match (or band concert, dance recital, etc.) without having to floor the gas pedal to make it home in time. You can be the go-to mom for carpools again!


No, seriously. Without incontinence, you don't have to worry about your incontinence product peaking out from beneath your swimsuit or having an untimely leak. You don't want to be the person responsible for making the pool warmer.


Incontinence can even dictate your clothing choices. Light colors? Out. Yoga pants? Out. Clothes that might show the lining? Out. The only thing worse than leaking is constantly worrying about if the people around you can see the marks on your clothes. Tell that panicked voice in the back of your head to stuff it and wear what you want! Since you only use Yarlap® for 20 minutes a day, you do not have to worry about anything showing through your clothes! Go ahead, rock that red dress or those new pants you’ve been dying to show off.

Toning your pelvic floor muscles correctly and safely (they can be over-exerted) will help make urinary incontinence a thing of the past. All too many women have accepted it as “normal” and are content with slapping on a pad and pushing through, but no more! Yarlap® can help you get back into the rhythm of your daily life. It’s not surgical or invasive, nor does it require a prescription. Last but not least, it’s clinically proven to achieve better bladder control!

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