Lori's Yarlap Story

Lori is a 55-year-old woman with stress incontinence. She used to be a fitness instructor. She has 2 children and 3 grand children. The customer’s name was changed for privacy reasons.**

I realized I had stress urinary incontinence after embarrassingly leaking some urine one day while doing squats at the gym. It really freaked me out and scared me. Since I used to be a fitness instructor, physical activity is really important to me.

I could no longer exercise in a group because the fear of bladder leak/ potential leaks scared me too much. You may be with other women (and some may have some experience with bladder control issues) but you start to feel really old around the younger women. The potential embarrassment I risked every time I did something without a urine leakage pad on was too much to take.

I was scared for the future and constantly worried that it would get worse. I didn't want to worry about adult diapers all the time, I'm far too young for that! I pride myself on being a problem solver; I didn't want to simply put a bandage on the problem by relying on things like diapers, incontinence pants, or medication for a weak bladder. I visited a specialist , who told me I have a weak pelvic floor and suggested I get a bladder sling. I was all for it, but the bladder control it gave me was limited and the constant bladder infections were hard to deal with. So, back to the drawing board!

I was at my limit, even going so far as to consider another incontinence surgery. That's when a friend showed me the Yarlap website. A very small probe, about the size of a case of lipstick, that works the pelvic floor muscles, the Yarlap forces the bladder muscles to do the kegels for me (I literally don’t even have to think about it). Also, it does everything in 20 minutes a day. Within two weeks, my urinary leaks had noticeably decreased and they disappeared almost entirely after 12 weeks. I don't have to worry about pads anymore, and I feel much more confident and free. This little thing is really worth it.

“Lori” was not incentivized in any manner, such as participating in a consumer, research study, receiving a free product sample and/or receiving compensation. Relevium Labs Inc. (Makers of Yarlap® Brand) do not endorse nor confirm the accuracy of the information, opinions, claims or advice shared within this section. Names have been changed for privacy reasons. 

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