3 Tips To Help Reach Your Pelvic Muscle Tone Goals



First: Set a date to start.

Studies show that we’re more likely to commit ourselves to change if we set a date. Studies show that when things are written on our calendar, we’re more likely to do them. It can be your favorite day of the week, or a Monday. That means you have 52 chances a year to strike out on your new goal to accomplish something wonderful and gain something back – your freedom!

Second: List what you want to accomplish.

People with clear plans stick to their goals way more often than those who just “wish” it. Fortunately, there are many wonderful things we get from a toned pelvic floor:

  • Stop Peeing Yourself & Maintain Your Continence
    Yarlap® is FDA cleared to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor in as little as 20 minutes a day to maintain continence and to treat; stress, urge and mixed incontinence. Maintaining continence is pretty simple once you learn how to.
  • Help your Back, Thighs and Knees
    A well-toned pelvic floor keeps the weight from your body distributed evenly and aligned. A weak pelvic floor allows the strong forces going to your heals to push outward at your hips (Ouch!) and inward at the knees (Pain!).  The muscles of the lower back try to compensate for this.  Ouch! Yarlap® is for women of all sizes, regardless of age.
  • Take Care of That Pesky Baby Bump
    The French –who know about love -  include peritoneal muscle re-education as an essential postpartum protocol for women.  In fact, postpartum peritoneal muscle re-education is an essential protocol for new mothers throughout Europe.  Yarlap®  is designed by the same man that developed the devices used by the National Healthcare systems of France, Germany, Scandinavia and Great Britain!
  • Be The Sensuous Woman
    The muscles that “hold” and “release” around the vagina are the same muscles that contract and release spasmodically during the female orgasm and which Kegel linked to sexual responsiveness. So a way to improve intimate moments is to improve the tone of your pelvic floor muscles. Yarlap® contractions are stable and comfortable – the optimal way to learn to contract and to comfortably relax your muscles on command.

Third: Don’t come up with a Plan B “just in case.”

The old compromise that, “diapers aren't so bad!” – Won’t Do!  In several recent studies, people who were told to come up with a Plan B were much less likely to reach their main objective. Because having a backup plan somehow makes failure feel more acceptable.

Commit to your success. Commit to Yarlap®. You deserve it.

Charlotte BeeComment