3 Facts About NMES You Should Know


NMES is something we've talked about before, but, given that it's the main function of the Yarlap®, we feel that more attention is needed. Here are three interesting facts that will help you deepen your understanding of the technology powering your recovery from incontinence.

NMES retrains your muscles

We are sure you keep hearing this over and over again. We want to explain HOW it retrains your muscles. In order for a muscle to maintain its shape and size, it must be used frequently; when it's not, the muscle contracts in size and becomes less responsive to signals from the nervous system. This leads to atrophy, or muscle memory loss. NMES mimics those nervous system signals with a low voltage electrical signal, forcing the muscles to move. These signals, over time with proper diet and exercise, can actually make your muscles stronger and more flexible over time, quickly turning those muscles around after not being used for a while.

NMES has a longer history than you think

The groundwork for modern NMES technology was laid by the Italian doctor/biologist Luigi Galvani all the way back in 1761. Apparently, after working with static electricity, Galvani accidently touched a dissected frog with a knife that still had an electrical charge in it. When the frog's leg spasmed, he knew he was onto something. So ladies, next time you use your Yarlap®, remember the sacrifice of Galvani's frog, for who knows where we would be without him.


Did you know NMES has been used in Europe successfully for decades?

NMES is often used in sports medicine to help athletes.

Calling all our runners or physical fitness buffs! NMES is used in sports medicine for muscle strengthening muscles, maintaining muscle mass, and strengthening muscles during prolonged periods of immobilization[1], think surgery, cast, wheelchair, etc.). In addition, NMES is used by physical therapists as a form of rehabilitation to help individuals who have muscles weakening or total memory loss - like having a baby or long-term fitness people. NMES has been shown to be effective in (1) preventing the decreases in muscle strength and (2) maintaining muscle strength.

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