6 Fun Facts about Vaginas

Vaginas – you'd think we'd know more about them since everyone seems to be fascinated by them. Many women unfortunately remain in the dark and are missing out on some pretty mind-blowing vaginal capabilities. This article will cover 6 fun facts you may (or may not) have known about your hoo-ha. For instance, did you know the vagina cleans itself?


1. The Vagina Cleans Itself

The vagina is able to produce its own special fluids to wash away bacteria, dead cells, etc., so that special perfumed body wash and nice douching kit you just bought is kinda redundant. In fact, they may be hurting you – using special products like that can actually upset the natural balance of good bacteria in your vagina and make it less clean over time.

2. Women can get erections too

The vagina when aroused can grow length-wise by almost 200%! Pretty impressive, huh? Thankfully women do not have to worry about pitching a tent at an embarrassing time like men.

3. The clitoris is bigger than you think

What might appear to just be a little button at the top of your vagina is actually just the tip of a surprisingly complex organ structure that runs all the way down by the pelvic floor muscles. Plus, the clitoris has at least double the nerve endings that the head of the penis has.

4. Vagina is Latin for “sheath”

The word can also be translated as “sword holder”. A little bit of a Latin lesson today.

5. Not every woman has one

A baby girl in the US has about a 1 in 5,000 chance of being born without a vagina, a condition known as vaginal agenesis. This condition often leads to infertility, but women generally manage to receive adequate treatment and live normal lives.


6. The vagina is incredibly strong

Rings of muscle ridges surround the vagina; these muscles allow the vagina to stretch at least 200% during things like childbirth. Those muscles have some serious potential too. The gymnast Tatyiana Kozevnikova currently holds the record for strongest vaginal muscles, being able to pull objects weighing up to 30 pounds just by flexing.

The vagina is a strong and fantastic thing!