Worried About Having An Embarrassing Stain At the Office? Follow These 3 Steps

Have you ever been at work and had an embarrassing urinary incontinence moment? Some people might accidentally leave their fly down, spill coffee on their shirt, or drop a large stack of files. Those can be slightly embarrassing situations, but there are millions of people who are constantly fighting a much more humiliating issue.

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Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing symptom that affects roughly 25 million women throughout the United States. These bladder problems don’t discriminate and can affect anyone, so it’s important to not become discouraged if you are struggling with urinary incontinence.

Weak bladder issues can result in embarrassing stains in the office, at a public event, or even in the comfort of your own home. Even when you are only a few steps away from the bathroom, it can be nearly impossible to determine when a bladder mishap is going to happen. If you’re experiencing embarrassing episodes throughout the day, it’s important that you do what you can to get to the bottom of these issues and get your life back.

Here are a few things you can do. 

Research treatments for a weak bladder

There are treatments for a weak bladder that can at least help you combat these leakage problems and prevent you from having another unexpected accident at work. Though you won’t be able to cure yourself of these symptoms after only a short period of time, you will at least be able to fight the problem directly. There are exceptional bladder incontinence products on the market today that can give you the best chance to get back to a stress free (and wet spot free) life.

Focus on relaxing your muscles throughout the day

Another thing you should begin focusing on is paying attention to your pelvic muscles much more often. Not too many people pay attention or even think about their pelvic muscles, but simply being mindfully aware of how they feel during certain situations can help prevent additional problems and address underlying issues. Weak pelvic muscles usually go hand in hand with bladder problems, so spend some time identifying how your muscles feel as you go throughout your day.

Contact a medical professional

Though using female urinary incontinence products and working on your muscles are necessary steps to fighting bladder problems, you should always speak with your doctor about your issues. Be honest with your doctor about the frequency of your leakage mishaps, even if this conversation is initially uncomfortable for you. Your doctor will help identify any other medical issues that might be causing these problems, and he or she may have other treatment suggestions.

If you’re still curious about treatments for a weak bladder or want to learn more about how to combat these embarrassing issues, contact Yarlap today. We're proud to offer female urinary incontinence products that help women get their lives back under control.

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