5 Productive Things To Do While You Kegel

In this fast paced world, we all need the ability to multitask. Kegels can be done almost “any time, any where.” But most of the time, the instructions are telling you to sit down (or lay down) with absolute focus. Let’s be honest, they’re really hard. You aren’t supposed to use your core or your bum to do a Kegel either. With Yarlap, you can tone the pelvic floor muscles almost any time.

 Here are 5 ideas to try:


Tone using Yarlap while you do the nonstop loads of laundry piling up. You can focus on the task at hand while you do the workout. Make sure the red sock doesn’t destroy what little white stuff you have left (is that just me?). So, folding or loading the washer/dryer – you still are getting a workout in.



Clean Out the Inbox

Yes. Cleaning out your inbox at work or at home. You can just sit there scrolling through all the email subscriptions you need to opt out of WHILE you’re doing the exercise. It takes about 20 min to do the workout. Guess what? It takes the same amount of time to sort through all the emails in the right folder for me. Boom. Efficient + in shape. 

Shop for Groceries

I am not kidding & hear me out. Put it in, hook the device onto your belt & cover it with your shirt. Literally NO ONE can see it.  At first I was thinking “this is insane.” It takes a lot of confidence the first time because you’re a little terrified someone will notice. But then you realize “I am getting peaches as I’m exercising my peach.”


As I am figuring out what ingredients that I need to make my meal, I am also doing Kegels. Standing in the kitchen while I whisk up some cookies doesn’t feel so guilty when I’m also working out while making them. It counts.




As an avid reader, it’s nice sit or lay down with a good book. I can focus on the characters, the plot, etc. while I am doing my exercise. I just sit there and read my book and get my results.

I love lists. So let me know what else you guys do so I can add!

Charlotte BeeComment