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We get some amazing reviews from our Yarlap® users! Hear what these women have to say about the impact Yarlap® has had on their lives.

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The Yarlap device got rid of my symptoms (urge leakage) after just a few uses. I still use regularly to improve my pelvis floor strength. It is easy to use and I don’t have any pain on insertion. Actually it’s rather soothing. Expensive but worth it!
— Vickie S

55 - Portland, OR

"I am 55 years old with a few kids. My family always used to joke ‘don’t make mom laugh, she’ll pee!’ I used to giggle along with it to hide my embarrassment about it. Yarlap treated my incontinence. Now, I can laugh without any fear It's fantastic because I am no longer the butt of the jokes and I no longer feel like anyone uncomfortably stares at me when they make that joke."

32 - Portland, OR

"During my pregnancy, I did a ton of research. I never read anywhere that I would pee myself and lose control. I could not believe that I peed myself without control. I just kept thinking ‘I am too young for this to happen to me!’ I kept it hush-hush around friends and family because it was embarrassing. I heard about Yarlap and tried it out. My incontinence? It stopped. I got my control back."

58 - Seattle, WA

I have been running for years. It was never an issue of control until a few years ago. I run multiple miles every day. I was in the middle of a marathon and I started to leak! It was awful. After that, I would need some sort of padding because I’d leak. With Yarlap, that isn’t an issue anymore. No more padding when I run, no more leaks. I just remembered I had no control over what was happening with my body! I am glad that I took a step to correct the issue.

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