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We get some amazing reviews from our Yarlap® users! We absolutely love hearing from woman about how they are using it to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles to truly improve their quality of life. Hear what these women have to say about the impact Yarlap® has had on their lives.

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The Yarlap device got rid of my symptoms (urge leakage) after just a few uses. I still use regularly to improve my pelvis floor strength. It is easy to use and I don’t have any pain on insertion. Actually it’s rather soothing. Expensive but worth it!
— Vickie S


33 - Dodge City, KA

“I was so sick and tired of hearing ‘let’s work on these kegel exercises’ when in fact, I don’t even know if I did then right to be honest with you. I came across the Yarlap and was really skeptical at first. I tried it and it was amazing. 2 weeks. I’m good…Something I was skeptical of turned my life around” - Kendra

55 - Portland, OR

"I am 55 years old with a few kids. My family always used to joke ‘don’t make mom laugh, she’ll pee!’ I used to giggle along with it to hide my embarrassment about it. Yarlap treated my incontinence. Now, I can laugh without any fear It's fantastic because I am no longer the butt of the jokes and I no longer feel like anyone uncomfortably stares at me when they make that joke."

32 - Portland, OR

"During my pregnancy, I did a ton of research. I never read anywhere that I would pee myself and lose control. I could not believe that I peed myself without control. I just kept thinking ‘I am too young for this to happen to me!’ I kept it hush-hush around friends and family because it was embarrassing. I heard about Yarlap and tried it out. My incontinence? It stopped. I got my control back."

58 - Seattle, WA

I have been running for years. It was never an issue of control until a few years ago. I run multiple miles every day. I was in the middle of a marathon and I started to leak! It was awful. After that, I would need some sort of padding because I’d leak. With Yarlap, that isn’t an issue anymore. No more padding when I run, no more leaks. I just remembered I had no control over what was happening with my body! I am glad that I took a step to correct the issue.

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