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Yarlap® is the pelvic floor muscle stimulator you have been waiting for

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1 in 3 women have urinary incontinence

Yarlap® is clinically proven to strengthen your pelvic floor to beat female urinary incontinence.

No surgery, no implant, no drugs. Just 20 minutes a day.


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The Yarlap device got rid of my symptoms (urge leakage) after just a few uses. I still use regularly to improve my pelvis floor strength. It is easy to use and I don't have any pain on insertion. Actually it's rather soothing. Expensive but worth it! - Vickie S
The Yarlap works! I noticed initial results in 12 days, and now after six weeks, it has further strengthened the pelvic floor muscles. I must mention the ease of effort on my part, and with no pain. I have no more urgency and can go without pads ($) most days. The device is easy to use - no complicated directions. Readily available answers, if any questions, are a plus. - Sandra, 75
I was so sick and tired of hearing ‘let’s work on these kegel exercises’. I came across the Yarlap and was really skeptical at first. I tried it and it was amazing. 2 weeks. I’m good…Something I was skeptical of turned my life around - Kendra, 33

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"For women with urinary incontinence, I believe the Yarlap System, from Relevium Labs, is an excellent product to help women retrain their pelvic floor muscles for improved urinary continence"

- Martin D. Brown, MD


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Urinary Incontinence

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The Yarlap® System is far less than what you are spending on diapers (or pads) a year.

Imagine the savings with Yarlap® when you treat the root of the problem. The Yarlap® System will quietly treat urinary incontinence for you. Read a book, watch your favorite TV show - Yarlap® will do the workout for you. You can use your FSA or HSA card on the Yarlap®!

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