The Best Bladder Control Products

Eliminate Bladder Leaks

Strengthen your pelvic floor, no leaks in just a few weeks.
Yarlap is the bladder control product you have been waiting for

FDA Cleared | Clinically Proven


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Clinically Proven

Yarlap® is the clinically proven bladder control device to strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles for you. FDA Cleared.

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3 Easy Steps

1. Comfortably place inside
2. Pick the program for you
3. Get results, no guesswork

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Fast Results

Results may occur at 2-12 weeks. Yarlap® even helps women with the
most severe types of incontinence.

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Ready to Use

Yarlap® is ready to use right out of the box. Shipped in a plain unmarked box for your privacy.

Bounce Back!

Regain the confidence in bladder control and intimacy health

✓ AutoKegel™ Technology

The zero guesswork technology that performs the pelvic floor muscle workout for you

✓ Perineal Re-education

Used to prevent bladder leaks by strengthening the pelvic floor - popularly used for decades for postpartum European women


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See Why Women Love Yarlap


Treatment and Prevention

Yarlap® is the effortless treatment you have been waiting for. Prevent and treat the leaks with toned pelvic floor muscles.

✓  20 minutes a day

✓  No surgery, drugs, or pills

  Comfortable, unique treatment for you

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